Our Approach

our_approachOur experiences working with clients over the years has taught us that clearly defined goals are the most powerful drivers of success, and that long-term strategies to meet those goals must be what guides day-to-day decision making. At Northstar, we take the time to help you fully articulate your goals and only act once the strategies we choose are mutually understood.

We have also learned that over-extending risk can damage even a well-crafted Plan, and that risk takes many forms. Inflation, for instance, is one of the most over-looked obstacles to long-term Plans, and so we measure its impact in everything we do. We also consider the tax implications of each strategy we employ, and how best to minimize that expense.

Of course investment risk is measured and monitored, and we take great care to keep our client’s from assuming too much in their portfolios. The biggest risks, however, are those that are most often unexpected – the devastating shock of a long-term disability, or death. We assess the potential economic impact of such an event for our clients, and ensure that the right strategies are in place to protect them.

At Northstar, we believe that active and regular communication is a critical element of effectively working towards goals and managing risks, so we take the time to listen to our clients and apprise them of their progress on a regular basis.