processOur process begins with the Initial Strategy Session, where we delve into what is most important to you. We seek to understand and define your goals, your worries and your current financial picture, creating the foundation on which to build your planning structure. We then analyze the information gathered and begin to plot out specific steps to address each piece. This is your Plan.

Once we have reviewed the Plan together and agree upon the steps to take, our team will build the machinery necessary to achieve each objective. Taking into account current assets, time frame, tolerance for risk, and savings capabilities, we design a Personal Savings and Investment Plan for each goal. We will review those strategies with you prior to implementation, and then monitor your progress.

Since life is in constant motion, every Plan needs ongoing review and adjustment. Every quarter we provide you with reports that analyze and evaluate your total asset portfolio, allowing us to make timely recommendations as needed. We will also meet with you at least twice each year to reevaluate your goals and financial position and make necessary changes to the Plan.